Experts in the sale of windows, doors and other products for the construction industry

We can deliver windows and doors directly from the producer in Poland to any place in the world!

  • Window Expert has been operating since August 2016.
  • You can contact us in English or Polish.
  • We specialize in the export of, among others, doors and windows to the EU and outside the EU countries.
  • We guarantee high quality of our products, which your customers will enjoy for many years.
  • We provide safe transport of our goods on pallets or in containers at most competitive shipping prices. We safely deliver even large-size constructions!
  • In our offer you will find products from several Polish factories at wholesale prices.
  • We have selected the best producers in the eastern region of Poland and we can offer you a broad range of products in one place.
  • Because all factories are located within our range, we are always able to control the goods before packaging to make sure they are flawless and finely secured for transport.
  • We work hard every day, use our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the products to be your professional and reliable supplier of windows in Poland, the European leader in the production of most technically advanced windows and doors.

How we work

3 simple steps

Step 1 Price quote

Send us your price request, preferably including drawings and details, and we will prepare a free price quote for you in a short time.


Step 2 Sales contract

When you decide to place an order, we sign a contract stipulating all details, conditions and prices.


Step 3 Order completion and delivery

You are informed about the order completion and the goods are packed and safely delivered at the agreed place. You are responsible for unloading the goods from the vehicle, at the named place. We can ship your order to your company or directly to your customer.

Importing windows from Poland is no easy task.

We know what difficulties window importers struggle with when it comes to cooperation with Polish factories. Window Expert was created as an answer to these problems!


To give you an idea, here are some comments from our customers that come as illustrative examples.

  1. “The factory sent our order without asking for details. They assumed that we had exactly the same solutions as they have in Poland. We needed hinges in the same colour as doors and hidden drainage. They could have asked! It seems so easy. But they preferred not to.”

Every country has its own tradition and uses different windows and doors. We have vast experience in the following markets: the Benelux, the Scandinavian countries, England and Poland.

  1. “The factory sent me an element in the wrong colour. I had to wait a few weeks for the replacement. I didn’t get the payment from my customer on time. I had my money frozen.”

Again, like in 1. – communication problems. Window Expert cares thoroughly for order details. Since the beginning of our work there has been no situation when any part of the order was incorrect – not as ordered.

  1. “You may be reliable, but some people in the factory may be not. What do you do to control the production and shipment?”

Poland is a big country in Europe. We have deliberately chosen the best producers in the region where we are located to always be able to control the goods before packaging. We send you the goods that have been checked for quality first by the factory and again by us. We also oversee the packaging and loading.

  1. “We are from New York. We would like to get information by skype, but we cannot call the factory in the evening, as everyone works 8-4p.m.”

It is in our interest to speak to the customers in the hours that suit them. As simple as that!

  1. “There are so many people involved in my order. When there was a problem, I called one person who told me to call another person. I would like to have one person responsible for my order who I can always get in touch with, no matter what issue I have.”

There is always one person responsible for one customer and their orders. Whether you have questions about technical aspects, order realisation, packaging, delivery etc. you have one sales specialist who takes responsibility for your order at each stage of the order process.


Because of ongoing communication problems some of the importers have changed suppliers multiple times or even decided to stop importing windows from Poland!

If you happen to have similar experiences, contact us without delay. We will do our best to help you!