Front Doors

What is important to you when choosing a front door for your house? Is it style, security, high-quality or long life of the door? Window Expert offers top quality PVC exterior doors to meet all your requirements. Whether you opt for a glazed door or a door panel, white or woodgrain finish, you can be sure that the door will satisfy your high expectations and will be a good investment for years.


Front doors offered by Window Expert are equipped with the locking system WINK HAUS STV-U.

Smooth-running multi-point security door locking system with hooks, featuring:

  • convenient closing mechanism
  • stable hooks made of chrome-plated steel
  • main deadbolt made of chrome-plated steel

Solid materials and precise processing guarantee extraordinary stability and a long service life.

The number of locking points can be selected individually depending on the required protection level. A standard solution is a 3-point locking system (2 hooks and the main deadbolt). Increase your protection with four hooks in addition to the main deadbolt (5-point locking system).


  • Profile depth of 70 mm
  • Sash width of 105 mm or 120 mm (According to your wish, but within maximum size limits, see: Maximum size of a door wing)
  • Opening out- or inwards.


  • Wink Haus STV-U door locking system with 3 locking points
  • one lock
  • Dr Hahn KTV hinges
  • insulated low threshold – 20mm (A low aluminium threshold allows easy access to your house, ensuring the best insulation at the same time.)
  • door handle both sides


  • 5 locking points instead of 3
  • pull handle outside (If you decide to have a door with a pull handle outside, choose a Dorma Plus door handle inside.)
  • second lock
  • foot-bolt door holder
  • door closer
  • electric door strike


  • Glazing according to your wishes
  • Flat, thermo-insulated PVC panel in the same colour as the door (24 or 36mm thick)
  • Decorative panel 24 or 36mm (in-set door panel – a panel inserted in place of the glazing)

Choose a panel from our offer or send us a picture of a panel of your own design.


Hoppe Aluminium Door handles

Classic, comfortable-to-use aluminium door handles in five colours: white, brown, F1 silver, F4 old gold, F9 steel.

Also available: brown-white handle (brown outside handle, white inside handle)

Dorma Plus Stainless Steel Door handles

The DORMA Plus range is characterised by its quality and design excellence. Ideal for use in commercially oriented buildings. Highest usage category 4 in accordance with EN 1906 for project applications.

Material: Stainless steel, satin


Choose a Dorma Plus door handle inside if you decide to have a door with a pull handle outside.

GreenteQ Stainless Steel Pull handles

GreenteQ stainless steel pull handles, for single-sided or pair-wise use, on exterior doors. Different shapes and dimensions are a variety of design options on all door materials (wood, plastic, aluminum and glass). Stainless steel 1.4301 has a good corrosion resistance to weathering and have proven in extremely frequent and heavy use.


  • Choose a Dorma Plus door handle inside if you decide to have a door with a pull handle outside.
  • For doors with two locks, the pull handle minimum length is 800mm.