Tilt & Slide Doors

Tilt & Slide Doors

can be operated in three positions: closed, tilt and slide. By turning the handle 90°, the door automatically opens into a secured tilt position at the top making it ideal for ventilation. A further 45° upward twist of the handle and the door swings out at the bottom and slides to an open position.

80mm threshold (cannot be recessed into floor).


Tilt & Slide doors offered by Window Expert are equipped with the fitting system WinkHaus duoPort SK. The opening mechanism enables effortless opening and closing.

Long-lasting comfort solutions

The benefits for the user include a high level of operating convenience, extremely quiet running and burglary protection. The solid drive mechanisms of the duoPort SK system are fitted with 28 mm wheels, which enable the sash to slide smoothly and silently. Integrated cleaning brushes help maintain precise running. The low threshold height (80mm) offers easy passage.

Beautifully shaped details for a harmonious overall design

Two designs

Window Expert offers tilt-slide fittings in two technical designs:

  • basic: duoPort SK-S
  • advanced: duoPort SK-Z

With duoPort SK-S, the door can be opened and closed manually both smoothly and safely. The duoPort SK-Z design offers added convenience: a handle control acts as a forced control here for easy tilt opening.

Handle positions – duoPort SK-S

Handle positions – duoPort SK-Z

DuoPort SK-Z operating convenience thanks to automatic tilt and engage function

Double bogies used for window sashes weighing more than 160 kg

Sturdy technology for heavy sashes

Reliable technology is invaluable when large, heavy glazing panels need to be opened and closed. The Winkhaus tilt-slide fitting system duoPort SK is optimally suited for such requirements. Load capacity of duoPort SK fittings is up to 200 kg sash weight depending on the design.

Burglary protection

Both basic and advanced duoPort SK system models feature solid mushroom-head locking bolts. The security keeps fitted on all sides enable burglary protection up to RC2/RC2 N to be achieved. The anti-lift protection prevents the door from being prised out by intruders.

Solid mushroom-head locking bolts

Security keep with steel web

Anti-lockout device

The integrated anti-lockout device, activated by a special handle position, enables to close the door from the outside, without the risk of the door accidently going into the tilt position and consequently locking somebody out.


Type A (right sash sliding)

Type A (left sash sliding)

Type C (middle sashes sliding, left and right FIX)

Type G (middle sash sliding, left and right FIX)

Type K


The ASG aluminium handle in five colours: white, brown, F1 silver, F4 old gold, F9 steel.