Class of profiles. The highest class is Class A.

Window Expert offers PVC windows and doors made with VEKA profiles, which is the guarantee that the product is of the highest quality (A class) in accordance with PN-EN 12608. Outer walls of these profiles are 3mm thick. For the production of VEKA A Class profiles 10% more PVC is used  in comparison to the production of B Class profiles. Thickness of the outer walls of a profile is a key parameter for optimum protection of households against cold and noise, at the same time providing the stability and sustainability of the windows.

In comparison to classes “B” and “C”, VEKA profiles Class A are:

  • More durable.

Strong window corners, no danger of window corner cracking. Profiles of the lower classes may be more prone to cracking of the corners.

  • Highly stable.

Resistant to bending and twisting caused by high wind pressure, especially important with large dimensions. Profiles of classes “B” and “C” are more easily bent.

  • Resistant to temperature changes.

Profiles resistant to high tensions caused by daily temperature changes.

  • Excellently sound insulated.

Higher acoustic comfort thanks to the effective suppression of noise.

You should definitely be aware of these facts before you make a decision to buy windows or doors!

Select a well-known and respected product. In the finished window it is impossible to determine what class of profile has been used. Only in the case of VEKA profiles you are certain that they are from Class “A”, since the lower class of VEKA profiles is simply not produced.


EPDM (Ethyl-Propylene-diene-monomers) – characterized by much better parameters in terms of resistance to aging, high temperature and external factors in comparison to other materials. EPDM seals do not break, they are resistant to ozone and characterized by excellent tensile to stretching, tearing and compression.


Galvanised steel reinforcement in accordance with VEKA Reinforcement Guidelines. Closed steel reinforcement in the frame (1.5mm); sash steel reinforcement of unprecedented strength with double-folded steel (1.25mm). Reinforcement is the most important element in ensuring long-term, reliable operation of windows.