Softline 70 Swing

Slightly rounded contours of the frame and a semi-flush sash.

Product description:

  • 5-chamber profile with 70 mm basic installation depth
  • Two sealing levels
  • Insulation values of up to Uw = 0.76 W/(m²K) when using highly insulating triple glazing with Ug = 0.4 W/(m²K)
  • Glazing range 14 – 42 mm
  • Galvanised steel reinforcement in accordance with VEKA Reinforcement Guidelines
  • Low overall height of the frame and sash profiles of only 118 mm provides a greater surface of the glass and excellent lighting of the interior
  • Secure embedding of a glass unit in the profile to the depth of 24mm reduces water condensation on the glass and heat transfer
  • Smooth and maintenance-free surfaces of profiles made of high quality PVC –100% recyclable material