Opening inwards into the room

With one turn of the handle, the window can be tilted inwards, allowing the room to breathe, while still providing a barrier against the outside elements. A second turn of the handle, opens the tilt and turn window fully inwards.

Tilt and turn window is simple in operation, has no outward-opening parts, is easy to clean from the indoors.



Windows offered by Window Expert are equipped with the fitting system MACO MULTI-MATIC.

Tried and tested fitting system, which ensures:

  • easy, effort-less operation
  • best window tightness
  • micro ventilation, activated by a special handle position (1 o’clock)
  • burglary protection

Each tilt and turn sash features micro ventilation which provides control of ventilation guaranteeing good health and well-being.

Basic security

The MULTI-MATIC fitting system features solid mushroom-head locking bolts on all sides of the window as standard.

Anti-lift protection is reached thanks to a security striker plate (“A level” protection as standard).

Should increased window security be desired, more security striker plates can be used (B,C,D level protection). It is advised to use a lockable or a push-button handle.

Burglary protection

Anti-burglar fittings in RC 1 N and RC 2 available (resistance classes EN 1627: 2011).


Hoppe Secustik window handles

Secustik® window handles contain a patented jamming-device which provides integrated security. This allows for normal use of the window handle from inside, but jams the handle if anyone tries to turn it from outside by way of the fitting. As the handle is turned through 180 degrees from the closed position to the tilt position, the jamming-device makes a series of clicks – proof of the built-in security you can hear.

Classic, comfortable-to-use aluminium handles in five colours: white, brown, F1 silver, F4 old gold, F9 steel.

Also available: Aluminium handles with a push button

Also available: Lockable aluminium handles

KISI2 – Increased protection for children

Conventional window handles are easy for children to operate, which is why accidents can occur when children are left indoors unattended. KISI2- the child safety device- is fitted under the rosette of the handle. The handle can only be operated when the two sliders on are pressed and held down simultaneously. Thanks to this two-hand operation, the KISI2 makes it difficult for children to open the window or door.

Available colours: white, silver F1

This product is available in the systems