All-wooden Windows

Windows made entirely of wood, without aluminium drip edges on the outside.


Available frame thicknesses: 68, 78 or 92 MM

Structure: wooden profiles made of three or four-ply square timber

Wood: pine, meranti or oak

Fitting system: G-U fittings ensuring micro ventilation and burglary protection

Glass: double or triple glazing units

Colours: solid colours from RAL palette or transparent colours (emphasizing the wood structure) from the catalogue of transparent colours

Seal: double seal as standard (brown, white, black, grey, beige, light oak and chestnut)

Drip edge: sash drip edge made of wood

Handles: HOPPE SECUSTIK New York aluminium handles in the following colours: white (F9016), brown (F8077), silver (F1), old gold (F4), titanium (F9); also available: handles with a push button or lockable handles